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Software design and development company
DTM soft is a software design, development and IT-consulting company.

The most important our activity is a database software, services and solutions design, development, implementation and integration.

We provide the development of the desktop and web based client/server software and services.

We have four product lines: two database tools families, software for developers and consumer utilities.

The first database tools product line was designed to operate in multivendor environment. The second one provides easy and high focused database tools for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and a few desktop formats.

Also, we offer a few free software products and plug-ins.

We are open for cooperation with any company or organization in the marketing, distribution and localization of our software. We are glad to discuss any interesting idea in the field of software development.

Also, we are ready to assist in integrating the use of our applications within your environment or modify our products with your specific functionality.


DTM soft has created this document in order to disclose our information gathering and dissemination practices for our products and websites. Read the following items carefully to understand how the personally identifiable information linked to the products customers and visitors of this site is treated.

  • DTM soft is the sole owner of the DTM software and information collected on the web site. This information is not used in ways different from what is disclosed in the given statement.
  • The software products designed by DTM soft, free, demo and commercial versions do not contain any adware or spyware modules. That means that the software products do not collect or use the information except if a special logging modes are activated by the user. See the clause below to check how these logs are being created and what they are used for.
  • In order to provide the customers with the most reliable software, our technical support sometimes asks for log files (like ERROR.LOG), which are created by running the software products. These logs describe the process of products execution. The information is used for technical purposes by the support staff and our developers only.
  • The IP addresses and web server logs are used by DTM soft only. This data is intended for site administration purposes and is not linked to any personally identifiable information.
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If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact support@dtmsoft.com. The present privacy practices are revised and updated from time to time, so it is highly recommended to check the current status prior to using the software or browsing the site and submitting any information to DTM soft.

DTM soft was founded in 1993 as a company developing custom solutions for CIS (corporate information systems) for small and middle-scale business. Besides, we were engaged in consulting in the field of deploying these solutions, their maintenance and development. During our work in this field, we collected a set of solutions, utilities and tools for working with databases that considerably increased the efficiency of our work and were also used by advanced users and DBAs of our customers. In 1999 we decided to supply them not only to our customers in custom development, but also to the open market.

As our marketing policy, we tried to take into account the interests of the same circle of customers, that is, small and middle-scale companies that need easy-to-use and reliable tools at reasonable prices that do not need complicated deployment and maintenance.

The second important aspect of our marketing policy is high-quality technical support. It is a direct result of our experience in the field of custom development and consulting. While releasing each version of our products, we actively take into account all suggestions from our users so the development takes the course of satisfying market demands to the fullest possible extent.

Our aim is to make the tools we develop available to the widest possible range of companies and individuals around the world. To everyone who needs high-quality easy-to-use database tools at reasonable prices. While creating each of our products, we think about how our software will help our customers make money, save time and avoid possible losses.

In 2006 we spinned off Ombelt Solutions. This team developing high focused light weight database tools for MS SQL server, Oracle, DB2 and a few desktop formats: MS Access, Paradox, DBF, etc. Our AllDataRight Lab department was created in 2007 to develop software for data clearing, data audit and data scrambling. For now it provides modern tools for mentioned operations.


Database Tools

Developers Software

End User Utilities

  • FileDupeLess is an easy and fast utility that finds identical files.
  • NavIEr multi-page browser plug-in. It is addition for Internet Explorer that allows the user top open links in bulk manner.

Free Software and Plug-ins

  • DTM Dashboard is an integrated console for DTM database tools.
  • DTM ODBC manager is an easy-to-use ODBC Data Sources manager. The program allows the user to export data source definitions into a file and then restore it on a local or remote system.
  • DTM ODBC SQL Runner is a command line utility that helps the user to run SQL statement or script using specified ODBC data source name.
  • DTM ODBC Driver List is a command line tool that allows to export list of installed ODBC drivers.
  • DTM ODBC Data Source Name List is a command line tool that allows to export list of ODBC data sources.
  • DTM OLE DB Provider List is a command line tool that helps to export list of installed OLE DB providers.
  • DTM Command Execution Tool is a simply utility that allows the user to execute specified program or command a few times with specified interval between end of some step and begin of the next one.
The main business of DTM soft is the design, development and implementation of Windows and Web based software. We specialize in client/server systems.

We are open for cooperation with any company, organization or person in the following areas: marketing, distribution and localization of our database tools, improvement of their usability and design, implementation of our technologies in the custom or common use software and components. We are ready to discuss any interesting idea in the field of software development or promote any concrete project to the full-featured commercial application.

The systems (end user tools, custom solutions, etc) that DTM soft designs and develops are using Microsoft tools because of their availability and functionality. Web based client server systems are developed using ASP/JS, ASP.NET/C#, COM and Visual C/C++. Our systems have to capability to integrate with existing database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase/Firebird, IBM DB2 MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. As our primary database management system, Microsoft SQL Server is used in the most situations because its performance, dependability and the many strengths it has when used with development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

We are not bounded to the above mentioned tools and technologies but always seeking the possibilities to extend the area of our activities to meet the needs of our partners.

We assist in integrating the use of our applications within your environment or modify our products with your specific functionality.

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