How to open multiple pages simultaneously?

  • Open the internet document of interest.
  • Press Navier "checkboxes" button at IE toolbar. Now each link has a checkbox before it.
  • Read the page and mark checkboxes for the links you want to open after completing the page.
  • Now you may open all documents for marked links in one new IE window (so that they will be subsequently placed one after one), or open each of them in a separate new IE window. So, either - Select item "Open Selected in New Windows" from dropdown menu or press "set of pages" icon. Navier opens new page for each marked link. - Select item "Open Selected as single page" from dropdown menu or press "double page" icon. Navier opens one new page and load all documents into it one after one.

How can I clear current selection?

  • Select item "Clear selection" from dropdown menu.
  • Program resets all selected items when you turn off "checkbox" mode and turn it on again.

How to to keep Internet Explorer windows position for new windows?

  • Open "Settings" window by selecting it from dropdown menu.
  • Check on "Save and restore positions of the Internet Explorer windows" item.

Why result of the page merging may look strange?

  • Each source page may have its unique style sheet and other individual parameters. They cannot be showed correctly in the resulting united page.

Using "Open Selected as Single Page", I get the error message asking to debug. What to do?

  • It may happen when merging pages with complex scenarios. Go to IE menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced, group Browsing, and switch off the debugging by marking "Disable script debugging".

How to get new windows with "checkboxes" mode switched on, if current page is with checkboxes?

  • Turn 'Inheritance' mode on in program Settings window.
Navier has beed released
  NavIEr adds a checkbox near every link on a web page so that a user can select multiple hyperlinks to be opened simultaneously. The selected links are opened in new windows or all stocked up in a single page, which is much more convenient when the web sites contain relevant content in the same format, as in catalogs. The NavIEr's way to open link makes sense, saves time and is incredibly convenient. Get your copy now!